Our Rhythmic Flow™ process transforms people and the places they work.


Discover the untapped potential within your organization.

  • Discover why your organization exists.
  • Uncover what you are best at.
  • Reveal what makes you unique.
  • Understand where you are going and why.
  • Unmask your strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and desired results.


Linking the goals of each individual within your organization.

  • Connect teams to their passions to accomplish the core purpose.
  • Attach personal strengths to what brings life to your organization.
  • Tie personal drivers to organizational goals and objectives.
  • Link core purpose to the role you play in the organization.


Designing the rhythm of the organization.

  • Design the passage between structure and rhythm to create meaning and excellence.
  • Develop the big rocks – strategic objectives – you need to reach toward your vision.
  • Shape what you want to accomplish currently and into the future.
  • Arrange the key tasks and key performance indicators.
  • Organize who is responsible and for what work.


Experience the success that comes with organizational wholeness.

  • Your teams have clarity of purpose and vision, and feel passionate and purposeful.
  • Your strategy is organized and on task, and clearly sets you apart from other organizations.
  • All parts of your organization are working together efficiently and effectively, and feel empowered and engaged.
  • Your organization continuously renews processes, programs, and services, and is organized and equipped to serve.
  • Your people at all levels have clarity of role, resources to do the work, and the necessary support to be successful.

Janet offers a unique and effective approach to leadership training and development for individuals, teams and organizations

Bonnie Mundy, M.A.

Leadership Specialist, Certified Practitioner Myers Briggs

Janet is a proven agent of healthy change.

Dan Woodard

Director of Leadership Development, InterAct Ministries

Janet is an invaluable resource to anyone who is seeking to move forward with their goals both personal and professional.

T. Haynes, M.A., L.P.C.

Counselor & Coach, Chrysalis Development Solutions, P.L.L.C

Janet is compassionate, courageous, constructive, concerned, creative and always willing to ask the next question

Dr. Wes Dobson

President, Nipawin Bible College

Her strong yet tender leadership leaves people feeling challenged to personal and professional growth and cared for in ways that are extremely rare.

William Con

Regina, SK

Janet helped us realign our organization with our vision and mission, and develop a strategic plan that would position us for future growth.

I strongly recommend Janet to help you develop strategic outcomes, develop staff and create a clear and understandable picture of where you are going.

William Con

Regina, SK

Janet took the time to understand our operational needs by meeting with me in person

James Ouellette

Director Employment & Training Services, Saskatoon Tribal Council

Janet is a person who is able to see the potential of all situations and develop positive outcomes

William Con

Regina, SK

Janet brings real life expertise to any organization…providing leadership strength, structure and strategies that work.

Kendall Buhler

Nipawin Bible College Board Chairman

Janet is a wonderful facilitator. She took the time to listen and helped me to deal with an internal issue in a very respectful and helpful way.

Peggy Vermette

Supervisor, STC Employment and Training

Janet is a wonderful coach and consultant. I could sense her genuine caring heart for me and her passion to help me develop my life and business.

Erica Morrison, CPLC

Passionfruitful Life Coaching